A korma, with white rice is the ultimate comfort curry

Amma Masala Chicken Korma
Serve: 4
Total Time: 20 Min

Heat oil over high flame, add green chilly & sliced onion fry for 2 minutes.
Add boiled vegetables or chicken fry for 5 minutes
Add Amma masala and fry for 3 minues, sprinkle water if required, lower flame to medium, add salt, cover with lid and cook or 7 minutes.
Open lid check if cooked, add coconut cream fry for 2 minutes add water if you want more curry

Boneless chicken or Boiled vegetables 50g
Oil 30g
Onion 100g
Green chilly 2no
Amma masala 100g
Coconut cream 50g
Salt 5-10g

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